More than just cooking

In general, cooking is a routine chore for a mother. Every day, mothers will need to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even late supper!

Sometimes it can be a mundane job. But let me share you “A RATIONALE” in not taking cooking chores lightly anymore but delighted to be wearing apron and start cooking! The rationale is that, cooking can be a form of ibadah for the mothers whereby fill your doas and hopes for the families through out the meal preparation. Allah is Almighty. He listens to everything.

In the eye of Islam, food intake is a critical matter. Beside halal haram, our food must be clean and nutritious. If a meal is halal, clean and nutritious but we consummate them with good doas, wouldn’t it be more lovely? Therefore, filled your kitchen and meals with doas and quran recitation so that ALLAH’s beautiful recitations flow through in our bodies.

So here’s what we, mothers, can do:

  1. When we wash the rice, make sure we selawat 3-times anti clockwise
  2. While cooking, make beautiful doas for our parents, husband, children, friends and all Muslims that we wish for Allah to grant.
  3. Have wuduk whilst cooking as a person in wuduk is safe from syaitan.
  4. Start everything with Bismillah as Allah SWT will fill the food with nur and

Below are references that you can apply during cook time.


Image from Pinterest


May Allah listens to our doa and our meal will be more meaningful than previously.



Reference: Pinterest,


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